Animals in Africa - Projeto Africanidade

Projeto Africanidade - WILDLIFE IN AFRICA

1) Responda qual animal das fotos abaixo está sendo descrito em cada texto.

This animal is very tallIt lives in East Africa, Angola and Zambia. It has a really long neck and short tailIts color varies from beige to brown. It eats a lot of leaves, up to 66 kilos a day.

B) .
This animal is very fastIt can reach speeds of over 100 km/h. It lives in east and southwest Africa and it is like a big catIt has long, thin, muscular legs. It hunts small antelopes, other 
mammals and birds.

C) .
This animal is a member of the ape family. It lives in group in African rainforests. It is very intelligentIt sleeps in the trees. It eats fruit, plants, insects, eggs and meat. It lives about 45 years.

This animal is the biggest reptile of Africa. It lives in marshesswamps and the rivers of Africa. It has four short legs and a long tailIt is grey, dark green or brown when it is young. When it gets older it becomes darker. It eats fish, other animals and 
even human beings. 

E) .
This animal is a big mammalIt lives on savannas, in dense forest and in river south of the 
Sahara Desert. It can be up to four meters tall. It has very big ears. It has gray-brown skin, a very short tail and long, strong trunk. It has two tusks. It eats fruit, roots, grasses and berries, and it drinks about 50 gallons of water a day.

This a very large and strong animal, but it is not aggressive. It has a very big headsmall earsdark brown eyes. It has black fur and no tailIt lives in dense forest in central and west Africa. It lives in groups of 30 to 40 animals. It eats fruit, roots and plants.



Africa Chimpanzee

African Cheetah

African Gorilla

African Giraffe

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