How Long + Exercícios

Exercícios sobre How Long

Assista ao vídeo abaixo do exercício 1  para revisar o uso de how long.

I) Complete com a opção correta: 

1) Mary is in hospital. 
She    in hospital since Monday.
(a) is
(b) was
(c) has been

2) I know Anna. 
   her for a long time.
(a) have known
(b) know
(c) knew

3) Sue and Bob are married. 
They    since 2004.
(a) was married
(b) have been married
(c) have married

4) Ben is sick.
 He    sick for the last few days
(a) has been 
(b) was
(c) is 

5) We live in London. 
We    there for ten years.
(a) lived
(b) live
(c) have lived

6) Karen works in a bank. 
She    in a bank for five years.
(a) works
(b) is working
(c) has been working

7) Tony had a headache. 
He    a headache since he got up this morning.
(a) has had
(b) had
(c) is having

8) I’m learning English. 
  English for six months.
(a) was learning
(b) have learned
(c) have been learning

9) Tom is in Spain at the moment. 
He    there for the last three days.
(a) have been
(b) has been
(c) was

10) They    on holiday since Sunday.
(a) are
(b) have been
(c) are being

11) She    a bus for ten minutes.
(a) is waiting 
(b) has waited
(c) has been waiting

12) He    a beard since he was 20.
(a) has had
(b) is having
(c) has

II) How Long? 
Complete as perguntas com a opção correta:

1)  - Cindy is on holiday.
 - How long    on holiday?
(a) was she being
(b) has she been
(c) is she

2) - Michael and Ben are in Brazil.
- How long    in Brazil?
(a) have they been
(b) were they being
(c) are they being

3) -  I know Mary.
 - How long  Mary?
(a) do you know
(b) have you known
(c) are you knowing

4) - Teresa is learning Italian.
 - How long  Italian?
(a) does she learn
(b) has she been learning
(c) has she learned

5) -  My brother lives in Australia.
 - How long    in Australia?
(a) does he live
(b) did he live
(c) has he been living

6) - I’m a teacher.
 - How long   a teacher?
(a) have you been
(b) are you 
(c) I am

7) - It is raining.
 - How long  ?
(a) has it been raining
(b) is it raining
(c) has it rained

8) - How long    in this house?
 - About ten years.
(a) do you live
(b) are you living
(c) have you lived

9) - Sorry, I’m late. How long  ?
 - Not long. Only five minutes.
(a) do you wait
(b) are you waiting
(c) have you been waiting

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