Tempos Verbais em Inglês + Exemplos

O verbo To Work em diferentes formas verbais:

I work every day.
He /She works every day.

Do you work every day?
Does he work every day?

I don't work every day.
She doesn't work every day.

Am/ Is/ Are + verb ING

He is working now.

Present Perfect
Have/Has + Past Participle
I have worked here since 2004.

Present Perfect Continuous
Have/Has Been +  verb ING
I have been working here since 2004.

Past Simple
regular verbs + ED
I worked yesterday.
Did she work yesterday?
They didn't work yesterday.

I was working when she arrived.

Past Perfect
Had + Past Participle
I had worked as a waiter before I got married.

Past Perfect Continuous
Had Been + verb ING
I had been working for two hours when Tom arrived.

will + verb
They will work tomorrow.

am/ is/ are going to + verb
She is going to work tonight.

Future Perfect
will have + past participle
By the end of this year I will have worked here for 6 years.

Future Continuous
will be + verb  ING
Don't call me at 10 o'clock. I will be working by that time.

would + verb
I would work harder if he helped me.

Conditional Perfect
would have + past participle
I would have worked harder if he had helped me.  

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