Fábula: The Fox and the Grapes + Exercícios

 The Fox and the Grapes

Ative as legendas em inglês para acompanhar a leitura no
próprio vídeo ou leia abaixo do vídeo.

One day a hungry Fox came across a rich and luscious grapevine. A bunch of ripe
grapes were hanging froma height a good way above the ground.

The Fox made several attempts to jump up and pluck the grapes, but his efforts were
in vain.

Tired and hungry, he walked off grumpily and murmured:

"I am sure those grapes were nasty and sour. I'm glad I could not reach them. 
They were definitely not worth eating."

It is easy to belittle what you cannot obtain.

The Fox spoke badly of the grapes only because he could not reach them and was
forced to go away hungry.

To lessen his disappointment of not getting what he wanted, he comforted
himself with the idea that the grapes were sour.

Moral of the story
That's just sour grapes.


1) luscious = saborosa
2) grapevine = videira
3) bunch = cacho 
4) ripe = madura
5) height = altura
6) ground = chão
7) attempts = tentativas
8) pluck = arrancar
9) efforts = esforços
10) in vain = em vão
11) walked off = foi embora
12) grumpily = irritado, mal humorado 
13) sour = azeda
14) belittle = menosprezar
15) lessen = diminuir
16) disappointment = decepção


1) Escolha a alternativa correta: 

a) The grapes looked
 sour and large.
 dried up.
 plump and juicy.

b) The fox did not eat the grapes because
  they were no good.
  they were too far up for him to reach.
  they were sour.

c) When the fox could not get any grapes he walked off grumpily. Grumpily means
 bad humoredly.

d) The fox then said that the grapes were
 big and juicy.
 nasty and sour.
 too far away.

e) The fox would not eat them if

 someone gave him some.
 they were sour.
 he didn’t have any.

f) The fox belittled the grapes. 
What does "belittle" mean?
  choose them
  like very much
  say they are terrible

g) What does “obtain” mean?

2) Marque Verdadeiro (True) ou Falso (False):

a) The Fox was walking in a vegetable garden.

b) The Fox was hungry.

c) The grapes were on a low branch.

d) He tried to pick up the grapes.

e) The Fox tried many times unsuccessfully.

f) He finally plucked the grapes.

g) The Fox got tired.

h) The Fox went away hungry and angry.

i) The grapes were sour. 

j) The Fox was disappointed. 


3) A moral da fábula "That's just sour grapessignifica:

  Quem desdenha quer comprar.
  As aparências enganam.
  Devagar se vai ao longe.

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