Exercícios de Revisão Inglês 7º Ano

Exercícios Inglês 7º Ano  

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1) Complete com as palavras interrogativas: When, What, Who, How ou Where. 

a)     is your name ?
My name is Jane.

b)    are you from?
I'm from Rio.

   is your birthday?
It's on July 15th.

d)    are you?
I'm Robert.

e)   are you? 
I'm ok.

2) Escolha a opção correta em parênteses para completar as frases.

a) I see   every day . (they, them)

b) He likes   . (I, me)

c)   is a teacher. (She, Her)

d) They don't know    (we, us) 

e) She likes   very much. (he, him) 

f)    love English. (We, Us)

g)    like chocolate. (I, Me).

3) Escolha a opção correta: At, In ou On.

a) Can you come   lunchtime ?

b) It is very cold    the winter.

c) His birthday is    February.

d) It starts   9 o'clock.

e) The party is   July 10.

f) We have lunch  noon.

g) They have English  Wednesday.

h) He sleeps   the afternoon.

i) We'll meet again    Christmas Day.

j) I'll be back   Friday morning.

k) I'm going to Japan   2022.

l) Come and see us   Christmas.

Preposições de Tempo

4) Complete as frases com Why ou Because:

a)    are you tired? 

b)    is he so happy? 

c)    she is angry.

e)    I am sad. 

f)    are they worried?

g)    is she here? 

h)    they are intelligent.

i)    it is hot today.

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