Vocabulário em Inglês - Palavras Confusas

Exercícios sobre Palavras Confusas em Inglês

Confusing Words

Teste o seu Vocabulário de Inglês

Escolha a palavra  correta nas frases abaixo:

1) Many people nowadays are changing from large cars to small ones because they are far more (economic / economical).

2) Mrs Brown is really (efficient / effective ), isn't she? I hate to think what would happen to the office if she ever decided to leave.

3) I can't read Bob's handwriting at all; it's quite (eligible / illegible).

4) 1066 is one of the most (historical / historic) moments in British history.

5) If animals have to be killed for food, then it should be done as (humanly / humanely) as possible so that the animal doesn't suffer needless pain.

6) Did you have (an opportunity / a possibility) to visit the Louvre when you were in Paris?

7) My teacher (complemented / complimented) me on my essay. She said it was the best thing she had read for a long time. 

8) What I thought was a genuine Van Gogh turned out to be a forgery. As a result, the painting is now quite (worthless / invaluable).

9) I just want to go to the (stationary / stationery) department to buy some envelopes.

10) I find it impossible to sleep because of the (continuous / continual) noise from the party in the flat above.

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